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With the advancing of technology, societies are becoming increasingly interested in home automation systems and artificial intelligence. However, all current automation systems in the market do not fulfill the requirements of most users. As an example, off shelves automation systems require the user to have a tablet/smartphone and internet connectivity; this rises important questions, what if the user’s internet is down? What if the user does not have access to the internet? To prove this issue, many users posted reviews on the device they purchased; the comments varied by stating the cons more than the pros of the devices purchased. To be specific, all users stated the same con indicating that they had lost the ability of controlling the attached appliance while being connected to it in the same network, or while being away.


Yes! Home automation systems are not limited to the off shelves devices. But, they are not affordable for all individuals. Some companies charge an unreasonably and exorbitantly high price to have a customized system. Jarvis is the most affordable system with an optimum ability provided to the user.


Jarvis is not only a system that solves connectivity or price issues, it also takes the automation system into a higher level. Jarvis is a home automation system that does not depend on internet connectivity to operate.

Users have the option to interact with Jarvis through voice commands and to control the connected appliances via voice command or by using GUI (graphical user interface).  Like the movie “Ironman”, Jarvis is a graphical interface in which the user can give commands without being attached to any specific hardware; the user can control most of her/his appliances, such as lightings, TV, thermostat, garage, etc. by just saying the command.


Why Jarvis? The initial purpose of creating Jarvis was to help individuals who lack the motor ability to move around efficiently in their surroundings. From there, many aspects have been added to help the user. One of them is the heartbeat device. Imagine an elderly person who needs to keep track of her/his heartbeat status but is unable to do so for various reasons; one of them could be that they are fragile medically and do not have the capability to maintain records of their stats and problem-solve thereof. Jarvis then can read the user’s heartbeat and let her/him know whether she/he needs a special care while maintaining records of their stats. Moreover, Jarvis can add on many more types of sensors that can be operated with ease of access.


Jarvis is efficient and helps to save the daily consumed energy; Jarvis will help the user to lower the daily power consumption by only turning on/off the device needed when the user gives the command.


How Jarvis will help the future generation? Jarvis is a home automation system that can also be operated by individuals who suffer from various disabilities that may hinder their optimal daily living and safety. Jarvis will provide everyday living assistance to individuals who may suffer from neuromotor disabilities, vision disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and many more.


Jarvis will change the world by facilitating the tasks for the users including individuals with disabilities while being part of such an advanced technology, and help the ecosystem by saving energy.



Jarvis will be presented on The Maker Faire Orlando on September 13th & 14th.

Hope to see you guys there!



I’m working on connecting motion sensors to ensure the security and also to be able to get status of each section of the house.



I’m working on IR finger print sensor so Jarvis can know each of the house members.

CEO & Founder

Saad Ouiri


BS Electrical & Computer Engineering Thechnology



Hologram is the future thecnology that will be used in our everyday's life. Why not have Jarvis projected in front you then!.



Kinect technology gives the ability of giving commands using physical gestures. It will be also included once the primary codes are implemented.

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